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I'm Phil, I currently work in Brighton and London. Monday to Thursday you can find me in the shop I co-own Wolf & Dagger In Brighton, and every Friday and alternating Saturdays you can find me in my good friend Joe Farrells shop Kilburn Original.

I originally got into tattooing via the traditional method of finding an apprenticeship, after persistently getting tattooed, building friendships, working on my port folio and a relentlessly asking my mentor for apprenticeship I finally got my foot in the door! 

After almost three and a half years of hard work, my mentor stepping away from tattooing left me in the unique position of having to either invest in a new shop, or split up the bonds I had made and begin again. It wasn't the most ideal of situations but I wasn't willing to lose what I had worked so hard to get, From that, Wolf & Dagger was born.

Opening in August of 2014 we have had many wonderful artists guest with us. We have worked hard to create a safe and inviting space for all of our customers focusing on an open plan layout to be as inclusive as possible, we have folding screens if privacy is required to ensure your modesty and safety. It is a space where we love to spend time even when not tattooing, either just hanging out and watching films or painting new designs.

After visiting so many UK conventions I was lucky enough to have an application for Leeds International Tattoo Convention accepted back in 2017, from there I have worked Leeds every year since! I have also been lucky enough to work Brighton Tattoo Convention which was a huge accomplishment for me and I have worked the Helsinki Convention for the previous three years also! Once it is safe to travel again I can't wait to get back onto the convention circuit and visit more amazing cities with a great group of friends.

It was through working Helsinki convention I became friends with Joe, who invited me to guest at his shop in Kilburn. Enjoying my time there greatly we decided to make it a permanent spot, I enjoy my time up in Kilburn working in such a great shop with even better people, but as a shop which also has a high number of walk ins it has given me the chance to improve a variety of styles and as such has helped me become a much more rounded tattoo artist.

That being said my preferred style will always lie between Traditional and Blackwork. I enjoy tattooing out of my flash book which contains a combination of both styles and is heavily influence by pop culture. I would tattoo Simpsons characters until the end of time! but in the future I would enjoy starting some more large scale pieces.

For any enquiries please email or fill out the contact form.

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