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Thank you for getting tattooed!

I have a few methods of aftercare that work well for me, my preferred method involves a second skin covering. 

Once you get home from being tattooed I recommend leaving the absorbent pad on over night. The next morning jump in the shower and use warm water to help remove the pad, now clean your tattoo with a mild soap I personally prefer Sanex Zero; but any mild unfrangranced soap is fine. Once out of the shower pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel or kitchen roll. I then like to leave the tattoo to air dry completely for 15-30 minutes if I am staying home.

Once fully dry I will pat it down again with some clean kitchen roll just to remove an excess plasma that may have wept. 

Ensuring that I have clean hands and the surrounding area is clean and dry I then apply a layer of second skin, my personal preference is Dermalize. 
Then as long as the second skin stays on I leave it for 7 days. Showering as normal just being careful not to pull or pick at the edges. 

After 7 days I jump in the shower, let the warm water run directly onto the second skin and peel up one corner, allowing the water to run underneath helping loosen the second skin. After fully removing the second skin I wash off any excess that might be left over abd once again pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel or kitchen roll. By this point the tattoo should be mostly healed and I like to keep it moisturised using palmers cocoa butter.

If second skin isn't a method you find works then the old tried and tested cling film and bepanthen works well, I just find that for me it can be more irritating as it heals and the bepanthen if applied too thick can clog your pores and cause irritation. 

Which ever method works best for you, any questions during the healing process feel free to drop me a message.

Aftercare: Welcome
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