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Hindi Audio The Hitman S Bodyguard English ((INSTALL))

If you're in the mood to watch two great actors bounce off of one another, then The Hitman's Bodyguard is right up your alley. The script is subpar and the setup is a bit too slow and stretched out, but the performances, the filmmaking, and the chemistry between Michael Reynolds and Kevin Costner do make this film worth the wait. Buy yourself a ticket to the theater and revel in a wonderful, classic comedy filled with beautiful production design, some of the best direction from one of the greats, and two of Hollywood's greatest comic actors making out again.

Hindi Audio The Hitman S Bodyguard English

Despite Midnight Runbeing a good example, The Hitman's Bodyguard is a bit overbaked. And it may take you longer than others to get in the mood to sit through the story that it has to tell. Still, it is about the journey of these two actors' relationship through the years, being professionals in their business, and it makes for a movie that's worth a watch. "Hindi Audio The Hitman S Bodyguard English"

Reynolds is a little better as Kincaid, but only just. He's given the role of bodyguard, so of course he's going to be a little on the uptight side. It's hard to buy his reasons for wanting to take down Jackson when he's already such a loose cannon.

Ultimately, The Hitman's Bodyguardis still a fun, at times funny film. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson deliver the goods when it comes to their scene-stealing quips, but there's a lot about the film that just feels awkward. To steal a line fromThe Dark Knight Rises, the film could have used some more editing. This is such a strong cast, that they make up for any shortcomings that the film has.


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