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Who Buys Autographed Jerseys

Football team apparel & souvenirs: Popular apparel includes NFL jerseys, NFL jackets, and NFL hats and even subtle NFL key chains, NFL watches, and NFL pins. Buyers are also looking for décor such as team banners, flags, signs, and car accessories, NFL lithographs, NFL posters, NFL pennants, NFL photos featuring players such as Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and Tom Brady, and Super Bowl memorabilia. Of course, the world of football fan gear encompasses other leagues and fans of the CFL, XFL, and NCAA football apparel and souvenirs .

who buys autographed jerseys

Baseball team apparel & souvenirs: From souvenir baseball bats and batting helmets to bobbleheads, you can step up to the plate and sell your Major League Baseball apparel and souvenirs, NCAA baseball souvenirs, Negro League memorabilia, or Minor-League baseball apparel and souvenirs. Fan favorites include MLB jerseys, MLB t-shirts, MLB baseball caps, and souvenir pins and buttons that commemorate opening day at the ballpark, playoff games, All Star Games, and World Series games. Also popular are MLB team key chains and MLB watches for him, or MLB jewelry for her. For a blast from the past, try selling throwback jerseys, autographed jerseys, game-worn jerseys, vintage baseball photos, prints, posters, and publications.

Hockey team apparel & souvenirs: Hockey fans of all ages are looking for NHL jerseys, caps, shirts, and jackets representing their favorite players, current NHL teams, Canadian hockey teams, minor-league hockey teams, and even defunct hockey teams. Fans are also searching for souvenirs such as NHL bobbleheads, photos, prints, souvenir pucks, and even more specialized collector's items such as a jersey worn by Steve Yzerman in 1997 as the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup captain, a photo signed by the Montreal Canadiens, or an autographed poster of Patrick Roy.

Cycling fan apparel & souvenirs: Fans around the world gather at world-renowned cycling events such as the Tour de France to cheer on their favorite cyclists and teams. Apparel and souvenirs are in demand worldwide, and can inlcude cycling apparel and souvenirs from various events as well as items from Lance Armstrong, the U.S. rider who brought cycling to the attention of many Americans. Collectors want unique hard to find items such as Lance Armstrong autographed artwork or even an original or replica Lance Armstrong Tour De France yellow jersey.

Certificate of authenticity (COA): If your item was produced in limited quantity or is autographed, it may have been sold with a Certificate of Authenticity stating important information such as production number, production limit, signature authenticity, and date. Some COAs can be granted by third-party graders and authenticators.

Speaking of signed football cards, rookie year specimens are by far the most desirable. After years of being overlooked, likely because of their size, in favor of physically larger pieces of memorabilia the hobby has finally recognized the rarity and value of an item that not only marks the beginning of a great career but has been marked by the very player featured on that card. That combination of pedigree and penmanship commands a premium price in today's market and because so few specimens of that kind have survived they represent a solid investment in the years to come . Even if the card dates from following seasons, as long as the signature is vintage to the release date there is still tremendous value to be found. Recently, autographed card specimens from Nile Kinnick, Knute Rockne, and Jim Thorpe have been appraised at $5250, $2500, and $2000 respectively.

Over the past decade or so, card companies have started producing new types of cards to meet the demand of younger hobby enthusiasts. These cards are called relic cards, (sometimes referred to as "jersey cards" or "patch cards") which feature a piece of game used jerseys of today's brightest stars. After seeing that market take off, card companies like Topps, Panini, and Leaf started getting these superstars to also autograph these cards, and started making limited runs of each (serial numbered). As you can imagine, even though these cards are "modern", since they are serial numbers, signed, and contain memorabilia, they are rare and highly sought after. Just Collect is actively buying these autographed jersey cards of Peyton Manning Andrew Luck, and Adrian Peterson, and would also be interested in larger collections as well.

Autographed football jerseys feature the signature of NFL athletes from a variety of teams and in a variety of different styles. Some jerseys come alone, while others can come framed. Others may also come with a certificate of authenticity, proof that the autographed piece is authentic, and similar documentation.

Typically, athletes will sign the product on the back where their number is located. The color of the ink used for autographed items is chosen to ensure that it stands out against the surface of that person's jersey. For instance, a Carson Wentz autograph can be in black ink on the white number, while a Rob Gronkowski jersey can be signed in silver on the blue number.

There are signed products for purchase from teams such as the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers. A handful of the other teams with autographed football jerseys include the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, the Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49ers.

Yes, they are. In addition to jerseys signed by current players, there are autographed memorabilia available from retired NFL football players such as Joe Montana, Joe Namath, and Earl Campell. While many may remember Mike Ditka as the coach of the Chicago Bears, he also played football for them. This is why you may also be able to find a Ditka autographed jersey.

NFL jerseys that have been autographed will likely come with a certificate of authenticity, or COA. In some cases, they may also come with a letter from James Spence Authenticity, which is an organization that verifies autographs to determine that they are real signatures. Football players' autographs may also be verified by Tristar Athletic.

Signed NFL jerseys generally consist of the football player's signature as well as his number underneath it. In some cases, the football player who autographed the memorabilia may add a short phrase such as "Super Bowl champs," like with the Steve McMichael number 78 autograph.

In addition to traditional home and away NFL jerseys, a football player may also sign throwback or other customized memorabilia. For instance, a Brett Favre throwback Green Bay Packers jersey in all green with a yellow stripe on top is one such piece. There may also be autographed Eric Dickerson throwback Rams NFL jersey with the light blue and yellow stripes that the football team wore in the 1980s and 1990s.

Ever wondered what the difference is between an officially licensed jersey and our custom jerseys? We'll take the guesswork out of it and explain what the major differences are between each in this week's Tuesday Tips.

These autographed memorabilia jerseys feature the official team logos, names, fonts and the manufacturer's brand along with an authentic autograph. These are just like the jerseys you can get from any sports clothing provider. They tend to hold a higher resell value as the autographed jersey is as close to a game jersey as consumers can get without grabbing one from a team's locker room.

Custom jerseys still feature authentic autographs but are on jerseys that closely match the official team's color design. Our custom jerseys do not feature official licensed logos, team fonts or manufacturer logos. We do not attempt to put official logos on these and pass them off as authentic jerseys.

So, you've made the choice to buy an autographed jersey. Great! Now that you know the difference between the two, the next question is, do I want a licensed or custom jersey? The answer to that depends on a lot of factors. Licensed autographed jerseys usually have more value but they're also more expensive. Custom autographed jerseys provide an affordable option to add to your autographed sports memorabilia collection. And depending on how you frame the jersey (if you choose to do so), you're not going to see much of anything beyond the back of the jersey which has the player name, player number and authentic autograph.

PS - Our jerseys are authenticated autographed sports memorabilia and are intended for display only. We do not recommend wearing these jerseys as everyday clothing as you could damage the item or the signature and it would lose significant value.

Autographed sports jerseys are a treasured collectible, whether they are signed by a current professional athlete or a legendary one from the past. But do these items actually increase in value over time?

In general, autographed jerseys from current stars will increase in value over time. Not only do their playing days create a sense of nostalgia, but the items also become more rare as time goes on and the athlete retires. As with any other collectible, the value of the jersey is determined by the market, so their worth can go up and down depending on the current demand for the item.

The best way to ensure that an autographed jersey increases in value is to take good care of it. Keep it in a cool, dark place away from dust and dirt. Do not hang it in direct sunlight, as it can weaken the fabric and damage the signature over time. If you have an especially valuable jersey, you may want to consider having it professionally framed to protect it.

Overall, autographed jerseys can be a great way to show off your fandom and can also increase in value over time. Be sure to do your research and understand the market before investing in such a collectible. With proper care, you can be sure that your autographed jersey will be an investment that will last a lifetime.

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