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Sidchg64.rar: What is it and how to use it?

Sidchg64.rar is a compressed file that contains a command-line utility called SIDCHG, which stands for SID changer. SIDCHG is a tool that can modify the local computer SID (security identifier) and computer name. A SID is a unique value that identifies a user, group, or computer in Windows. Changing the SID can have various effects on the system, such as affecting the permissions, encryption, and activation of some software and services.


One of the reasons why someone might want to change their SID is to bypass the restrictions imposed by some applications, such as TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a popular software that allows remote access and control of other computers over the internet. TeamViewer offers a free version for personal use, but it can detect if the user is connecting to a commercial network or using it for commercial purposes, and block or limit the access. By changing the SID, the user can trick TeamViewer into thinking that they are using a different computer, and avoid being blocked or detected.

However, changing the SID is not a simple or safe process, and it can have serious consequences for the system. Changing the SID can break some applications that rely on the original SID for authentication or encryption, such as Windows Update, Metro apps, BitLocker, EFS (Encrypting File System), and others. Changing the SID can also invalidate some licenses or activations that are tied to the original SID, such as Windows itself, Office, Adobe products, and others. Changing the SID can also cause problems with the network or domain membership, as the computer will have a different identity than before.

Therefore, changing the SID should only be done with caution and backup, and only if there is no other alternative. The user should also be aware of the legal and ethical implications of changing their SID to circumvent some restrictions or limitations imposed by software vendors or service providers.

How to use SIDCHG?

SIDCHG is a command-line utility that can be downloaded from [here] or [here]. The file name is sidchg.exe for 32-bit Windows or sidchg64.exe for 64-bit Windows. The user should extract the file from the compressed archive (sidchg64.rar) and save it in a convenient location.

To use SIDCHG, the user should open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights, browse to where they saved sidchg.exe or sidchg64.exe, and run one of the following commands:

  • sidchg.exe /f /r for 32-bit Windows

  • sidchg64.exe /f /r for 64-bit Windows

The /f option forces the change of the SID without prompting for confirmation. The /r option reboots the computer after changing the SID. The user should make sure there is a space between the f and following /. The user might also need to set their date to June 31st for SIDCHG to work.

After running the command, the computer will reboot and have a new random SID and computer name. The user should then check if their applications and services are working properly, and if they have achieved their desired goal (such as accessing TeamViewer without being blocked).


Sidchg64.rar is a compressed file that contains a tool called SIDCHG, which can change the local computer SID and computer name. Changing the SID can be useful for some purposes, such as bypassing some restrictions imposed by applications like TeamViewer. However, changing the SID can also be risky and harmful for the system, as it can affect the functionality, security, and activation of some software and services. Changing the SID should only be done with caution and backup, and only if there is no other alternative.


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