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Lustful Desires APK Port By Hyao

Great game. I didn't expect much going in, but was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of content that is present within the game, and while I do think there are some rough edges here and there (there needs to be more in-game direction on where to find as of yet unfound alchemical ingredient types and typos need to be fixed). As far as the alchemy goes, I had no idea where to get the stuff for werewolf cures for a long while until I realized some of it was gated behind another quest (I think?). Anyway it's quite fun.I do think the ratkin are a bit of a missed opportunity though. When my character got captured I expected to either be held prisoner for a while and presented with cut scene choices, or, even better, find myself stripped of my gear temporarily while forced to serve the rat men in a number of different quest (with some fun times inbetween of course).I'd recommend adding some flavor there rather than having the rat king shrug it off and send you away. It's plausible they may not even take you to the rat king at all if they thought they could get away with it. There's too much potential to be had there to leave it as is IMO, and all of it can easily be balanced around play styles (or desires maybe I should say).

Lustful Desires APK Port by Hyao

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