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Jacques Bourboulon Tiny Angelsl

Jacques Bourboulon Tiny Angels

Jacques Bourboulon is a French photographer who specializes in nude photography. He started his career as a fashion photographer in 1967, working for prestigious magazines and designers such as Vogue, Dior, Féraud, and Carven. In the mid-1970s, he switched to nude photography, focusing on bright light and sharp contrasts. His most typical pictures portray girls and women on the Spanish island of Ibiza, playing on the juxtaposition of blue sky, white walls, and sun-tanned skin.

One of his most famous models was French actress Eva Ionesco, whom he photographed nude when she was 10 years old. His photographs of Eva caused controversy and legal disputes, as they were considered child pornography by some critics and authorities. Eva later sued her mother, who had given consent to the photoshoots, for violating her privacy and endangering her development. Bourboulon defended his work as artistic expression and claimed that he never exploited or harmed his models.

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Bourboulon's photographs have been published in more than 150 magazines in 21 countries, such as Playmen, High Society, Club International, Chasseur d'Images, and PHOTO. He also produced calendars for Pentax and BASF, and published 20 photography books that sold over 400,000 copies. His work has been praised for its aesthetic quality and erotic appeal, but also criticized for its voyeurism and pedophilia. Some of his fans call his models "tiny angels", referring to their innocence and beauty.

Bourboulon's official website was active between 2003 and 2008, where he displayed his portfolio and offered online subscriptions. However, the website was shut down due to legal issues and copyright infringement. Some of his photographs can still be found on social media platforms such as VKontakte, where he has a fan page with over 4,000 followers.

Bourboulon is still active as a photographer, although he has reduced his output and exposure. He lives in France with his wife and daughter.


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